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Overdue Update.

My wrist's pretty much better now, but my right side's been sore (I assume from overcompensating for the left). I've been diverted from rewriting the records UI at work to do some more maps UI stuff requested by THE big bad customer of ours. It also turns out that what I thought was an issue with the .NET Garbage Collector might actually be something on our side.

A welcome change, given that it should be a relatively easy fix. The last time we found a problem with .NET, it took around a week and a half to get a workaround in place... and I'm still baffled as to exactly how the workaround works. (Let alone why in the world .NET was conveniently forgetting that the DataSet structures were children of a UI form and *NOT* root objects in their own right--which lead to them never being garbage collected, despite our calls of Dispose(), setting to null, and even Dispose() on the form they [should have] belonged to.)

I've apparently been working with Visual Studio too much. I'm trying to Ctrl+Shift+S to save my work on this post.

I started playing WoW again, after probably a month and a half to two months off, and finally went back after close to two years and beat the Skyshatter race. I can't easily think of any portion of any other video game that presented as much difficulty (made even more so by the relative bugginess of the race--when I had originally attempted it, Skyshatter wouldn't stun himself with the meteors he launches). It's definitely the hardest solo achievement I've come across (and my main has the "Salty" title, is server-first Grandmaster Fishing, and has earned the achievements for all three of the timed mounted quests [Blade's Edge Bomberman, Bombs Away, and Rapid Defense.]) Anyway, it felt really, really good to finally complete that. (And I soooo wish I had Crusader Aura or a druid's flight form to help with it.)

Alora's getting a playset in sometime in the next few days, but we'll still have to go buy some support beams to get it completely put together.
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