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'Bout Time I Update.

I've succumbed to the evils of Facebook and have posting teeny little updates there and completely neglecting Livejournal. It certainly doesn't help that daytime tends to be the trough of my energy/awareness cycle, leading to detailed updates being far too difficult compared to the wall snippets of Facebook. Eloquence is just flat out impossible.

I still block every quiz (and a couple of people whose quiz to comment ratio was ten or more) that pops up on Facebook, and wish there was a "block every quiz app" option somewhere. They're the modern-day replacement for astrology.

The stars say that you have interests. "Oooh, that is so me!"

You are Hermione from the Harry Potter series of books. "Hell, yeah, that is totally right!"

I'm still having issues keeping track of the passage of seasons, but at least I know we're in the too damn hot season in Oklahoma. About four to six weeks ago, one of the neighborhood cats that we fed went missing. A week later, we found him dead under the house after the smell had begun to seep through the flooring and flies began to cluster around the hatch leading under the house. Getting partway under the house to retrieve the cat was a very unpleasant event.

Maybe a week or two after that, we had a very fast and very powerful storm form and blow through, dropping hail stones approaching the size of baseballs. The hailstones blew out the back window of our car and the back window of the car parked right next to ours. A few other people at work just got windshield cracking.

Alora's been writing her name and a few simple, common words like "cat," and "stop," fairly legibly. I'm not sure how many more she recognizes, but she's got "cars" down as I learned while waiting at the bank that handles our car payments. "See that word right there? C-A-R-S..." "Cars!" she yells.

Kim says she's picking up even more of my mannerisms and literal nature. She has a set of water-erasable markers and some Disney fairy outlines to color in. She kept saying, "The instructions say to color her dress green, then color it blue." We weren't sure where she got that until we looked at the back of the box where it showed a demonstration of the erasable nature of the markers. Sure enough, they had colored Tinkerbell's dress green in one panel, showed it being erased in the second, and finally colored it blue in the third. She still has a bit of trouble with coloring within the outlines, but she's developing a bit more control.

She also has an amazing memory, recognizing what episodes of her favorite shows are on from just the title screen or intro. She can tell you that "this is the one where Sandy gets fleas!" before the episode title is off the screen and the episode has actually started. My mom talks about my memory being like that when I was that young, and I certainly wish it was still that way.

I took a bit of skin off my thumb while mowing Friday, and I'm not sure how I did it, or why I didn't feel it until I was done mowing. I can only guess that it had something to do with the vibration of the mower and the 102 temperature (before heat index!) being more potent sensations that skin ripping. A rainy day would be wonderful, as long as it didn't come with hail.
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