Just a bit hoarse.

A couple of primal screams right into the pillow does a body good. Well, not really the body. I'm a bit hoarse today, which is nowhere near as cool as being a bit horse (centaurs freaking rock at polo). However, I'm quite a bit more relaxed than yesterday despite normally having difficulty trying to get to sleep.

I'm not sure why, but it's also quite relaxing to repeatedly bap myself in the head with Alora's foam sword. It's just the perfect size for leverage (speed/moment of inertia/torque at the end of the foam sword) and the perfect density to be noticeable without being painful. Yeah, I'm weird.

Snarky Bastards.

Protip: Don't get all snarky and smarmy and make fun of someone that claims to heat their house using methane if you don't have enough of a grasp of basic chemistry to realize that what's piped through "natural gas" lines *is* mostly methane.

"Do you have your pipes attached up to your toilet? You do know that methane comes from feces, right? Durrrrr...."

Pirate Justice!

Since Stillwater's a relatively small town, it's much cheaper to head home during my lunch break and eat food prepared at home. So, just about every day (unless the weather's bad enough to make the trip take too long), I call Kim around noon and ask what we have available in the house and if she could please prepare it for lunch.

Today, Alora was watching Kai-Lan in the background. One of the character, Hoho, was being bad and annoying, so Alora declared, "Hoho's bad! I'm going to get my sword and make him stop!" Alora has quite a sense of justice. My first thought was, "Yep, she's going to grow up to be a paladin." However, when I thought about it a bit more, I realized her sword is a foam cutlass--a pirate sword.

Alas, it is pirate justice, rather than divine retribution that she is wielding against that cartoon monkey. Unfortunately, that means she won't have an overpowered advantage against the undead. On the other hand, being a pirate, she'll have excellent powers against ninjas. I suppose we'll have to rely on the cats to protect against the supernatural. It seems to have worked for Egypt in all of those movies.

This should agree with the verb.

Feeling very crappy today. Had to use one of my old inhalers last night for the first time in years. (I honestly can't remember the last time I used one [was probably before Alora was born], and I'm surprised they still sprayed.) There's also digestive and head stuff (aches and general fuzziness), and I really, really hope this clears up before Saturday. The silver lining to this turd of a day is that my allergies seem to be completely gone for the time being. I do find it odd that it was much easier to breathe while my sinuses were just about completely congested than it was last night.

Alora's turning three tomorrow, and we're having her party Saturday. Unfortunately, her favorite little people (her cousins on Kim's side) will be with their parents skiing, and my parents won't be able to make it, either. My brother's also not likely to show up, from what I've been hearing.

Personal spam.

As I walked in Friday, I caught only the phrase "personal spam," and I immediately knew what the subject of discussion was. "'Personal spam?' You all talking about Twitter?" Confirmation was received.

Bumpits are the stupidest looking things since... I'm at a loss for a comparison here. Maybe those clown suit-looking things that some of the girls in Mississippi wore when I was in high school.

Alora will turn three Friday morning. She still likes pirates, but she likes Tinkerbell more, so her party will be Tinkerbell-themed. She also loves the Snuggies commerical and will run around the house yelling, "Snuggies!" when the commercial comes on. I need to get one of those for Kim eventually, since we have far different ideas of what a comfortable temperature is. (Kim likes the heat in the car high enough to make me naseous. Thankfully the house can't get that heat dense easily.)
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The Brainworm of Haruhi Suzumiya

In the last two or three months, I've watched Red Garden, (part of) Lucky Star, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. (I now understand the phrase, "There is no God but Haruhi, and Kyon is Her prophet," and the obsession with trying [and failing horribly] to perform the Hare Hare Yukai dance. It certainly looks goofy enough to be fun.)

Red Garden's art style was certainly interesting. It was definitely different from the standard anime fare, given that the characters had well-defined noses (even from the front, gasp!) and actually looked feasibly "American." (Not all six feet tall, blonde, nearly pale white, and gratuitously top heavy.)

Lucky Star eschews realism for a cutesy look, but despite this, the animation seems rather well done. It's very fluid when necessary for action, and the characters appear to move as though they actually have a solid skeleton with joints in the normal places. (Excepting the occasional slightly deformed-for-effect moments, of course.) The opening theme song is exceptionally evil, having been stuck in my head for around a week and a half now. Alora also asks us to play it over and over.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya didn't turn out to be anything like I thought it would be. Not knowing of the special qualities of the title character, I just assumed that it was another "irrationally exuberant female lead in a high school setting comedy." Except that it was also, "OMG, I love this series so much, it's the best ever, and you have to watch it or I will never speak to you again," or so go the impressions I got from fans of the series.

Now, apparently, I'm infected with the Haruhi brainworm. Waking up this morning was extremely difficult, and I spent around an hour and a half hitting the snooze in an only quasi-awake state after the alarm first went off. Worse than being half asleep was being half asleep while partially aware of my surroundings and partially dreaming. There were moments I realized that I was hitting the alarm to make the noise stop, and there were moments when I interpreted my assault on the alarm as an attempt to block Haruhi Suzumiya from entering this dimension through my brain. If only I had a fever, too, or had to take cough syrup to sleep, I could have also imagined that I was an irrational number, or a car chassis. (Yes, both of those are actual hallucinations I have had while having a high fever.)

Crazy hail.... 3D!

We had some pretty crazy weather here Tuesday. The hail was piling up like snowbanks in some places, and I'll have to see if I can get some photos from the guys here that were outside taking snapshots with their phones despite the tornado sirens going off.

I'm getting to play around a bit with DirectX (particularly using Direct3D to render 2D polygons at a substantially faster rate [around 15 times the speed without any sort of optimization on the Direct3D code].

Actually, now that I've looked at the code with vertical sync turned off, it's rendering around 25 times the speed. I'd love to see how fast it can get with proper optimizations. (Just recently rewrote a function that creates a shapefile with a rectangular grid. Went from ~1500 ms to 47 ms on a case with 32K grid cells. So, I'm in gear to rewrite a lot of stuff. Already tried working on our GDI+-based rendering code, but GDI+ is crappy and slow, and there's only so much that can be squeezed out of it.)


I'm debugging an issue right now where our new layer info tool is returning "NULL" instead of the correct value of phosphorous recommended to be applied to a square of land on some field. In addition to this phosphorous recommendation, the QA guy's data includes about forty other operations/recommendations including tillage operations, fertilizer applications, etc.

Then, there's the manure operation... which shows up in the theme list as "Manure (The Queen Wants It Back)." Ok...